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Oran Park Lives On
Oran Park recently held its last V8 Supercar event and is set to close down n 2009 in order to make way for yet another housing estate.

Fortunately two university students, Brendan and Chris, as part of their thesis, were able to obtain and collect point cloud data using various technologies. The data in this project was collected using a variety of survey technologies including: Aerial Laser Scanning (LiDAR), Real Time Kinematic GPS, and Robotic Total Stations

The data obtained is 5% of the amount used in the first Eastern Creek project, but it is more evenly distributed which produced a more consistent result.

BTB-Laser has been used to create:
  • A track surface that fits to within 2cm of the point cloud data.
  • Terrain that follows the flow of the Aerial data.
  • Walls, fencing and rails that flow with the land.
  • 3d saw toothed ripple strips placed according the GPS-RTK data.
  • Grass, Track Markings, Advertising signs.
  • Hundreds of tyres placed using new String-Object feature to be available in v0.6.
  • Over 100 rubbish bins.


Download the full Oran Park v1.1 track from one of these sites:

Mirror 1 - Filefront
Mirror 2 - Mediafire
Mirror 3 - Filefactory

and extract the contents to your rFactor\GameData\Locations\ folder.

Please don't create mirrors of this download as this makes it difficult to manage the updates.


Brendan Elliot and Chris Larmour for picking such a great project for the thesis. They have produced all of the trackside buildings and many of the objects and provided textures obtained from many photographs taken at Oran Park.

They have been committed to making this one of the best rFactor tracks around despite having completed their thesis long ago.

To learn more about their project, please visit http://www.gmat.unsw.edu.au/currentstudents/ug/projects/ElliottLamour/index.html
This track may only be used for non-commercial use in rFactor. No permission is granted to use the Oran Park track, either in part or whole for any other project or racing game. This applies to all work contained within this release including, but not limited to, the models and textures.

Permission must be granted in writing from all people involved in the making of this track before using it for any other purpose.